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More ads than game

This game, like many small creatures, looks innocent and fun at first. Truth be told, there are far too many ads. There are in-app purchases that seem to be forced on you with used-car salesman tactics. The goal of the game is relatively unclear. Did I mention the ads? The game can hold the attention of a little one for a while, but then the full page ads kick in that can trick them into clicking on links that take them away from the game. IF YOU ARE DOWNLOADING THIS GAME FOR A CHILD, BE WARNED. I BELIEVE IT IS BEST FOR KIDS 9+ YEARS OLD.

My Talking Hank

It's okay. I love it. But sometimes, it can be very annoying. It will wake me up at all hours of the night when I'm trying to get some sleep.

I’m hungry

I love feeding him and putting him to sleep and he is so cute and eating food and I love the new app I love the lands

No more ads!

I would happily give this game 5 stars if I could purchase it in order to get rid of all the ads!

This Game is Awesome and Sooo cute

I got this game and I have Loved it!Ever Since Hank came in the Basket I wus Like I'm gonna Love this! Best Coolest Game Ever!😘

Bathroom door

The game is so fun but the fact that the bathroom door won’t close... on My Talking Tom there is a setting that will allow you to close the door. There isn’t a setting for that on My Talking Hank. I would love to have a setting on the game. Thanks


I love this game and how you can take pictures of animals. Lots of adds though.


It's very good.

Add remove ad option!

The ads are very annoying in this game! Please add a cheap remove ad option!

He is so cute but

I love him but for the food you can only get three food

Never get the jackpot

Why won’t they let anybody get the jackpot very often I mean what the heck it makes them happy that they get the jackpot what the heck any heck heck heck 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬I am so 🤮and Tired of this just let us get Jack that more often in the next update which I hope is sometime soon

The best game

This is the best Best game ever!!!!😻😻😻😻😺😺😺


I love the game and it is so much fun to play and its so cute 😸👍😻

My Hank

I t is so fun to play.I can stay up all night playing 👍👍👍👍👍100

Riddled with tricky ads not appropriate for kids

Not appropriate for young kids. I get the freemium model but this game has ads everywhere you turn. It’s not appropriate for young kids. The ads seemed designed to trick kids into downloading more apps. It’s a great game otherwise.

He gets ugly over time

He's adorable when he's little but he's THE UGLIEST THING EVER when's he grows up. I just slap him like 85 five times a day now! Fix

evathediva2247's Review

So funny!!! Highly recommend!!!

No option to remove ads.

I don’t find a paid version of this app. I don’t find an option to pay for it. The ads are out of control. However at this point my kid loves his dog and I can’t remove it. This platform is extremely effective vs just charging a dollar. Id suggest parent avoid these apps. Id gladly pay $5 now to lose the ads. They are out of control.


I love taking pictures of the animals


I know Hank is a dog but he dose some things kids under 7 don't need to see 1 HE PEES IN THE BUSHIES!!!!!! AND WHEN HE DOSE USE THE BATHROOM TO PEE THE DOOR IS OPENED!! To moms and dads if you don't want your kids pee in the bushies or leaving the bathroom door opened WENE they pee but... you have to say Hank is SUPER SUPER cute DONT GET THIS FOR KIDS!!!!!!! I have the game I know EVEN THOW HE DOSE COPPY WHAT YOU SAY don't get this app if your kid are younger then 7

Fun For Kids But Saturated With Ads

My Hank is a really fun game. Kids will like taking pictures of the animals, especially the really rare ones, but there are just so many advertisements. There’s always an ad-bar at the top of the screen when you’re at Hank’s home and to get coins for buying things in the game you need to play Hank’s mini games. There are only a few to choose from which becomes redundant after awhile. All of those games have ads every time you do something in the game. Die in the game? Watch an ad. Choose to continue or end your progress? Watch an ad. Want to double your winnings? Watch an ad. Exit the game? Watch an ad. The quickest way to earn coins in by watching ads. Moving from one of the locations on the map back to Hank’s home always shows an ad. It is too much sometimes.


Such a fun cute puppy game for kids love it so much

My talking hank is amazing

I love this app so much can’t wait to get it


The game is COOL

Great game but horrible adds

I love this game ‘ but I honestly can’t stand the amount of adds that pop up every time I try to do something ...

I love this game!!!!!!

I love this game hank is so cute and so funny and I have an idea how about you make a make game called my talking ginger and you know in these games they start as babies you can make ginger into an adult and when you level up he gets younger and when he does he funnier and cuter and greedier like we know and love today please make this dream come true!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 but anyway this app is awesome and incredible and I like when he is an adult he looks like the hank in talking Tom and friends so really good game and keep doing great work!!!

Мой Хенк

Очень интересная игра для моего ребёнка 6ти лет

Very cute

I've never played my talking Hank before in my related phones but it is so cute just because of the ads!Well there is nothing for me to say here.


Hate the new animal graphics

So cute I'm ganna die

Good thing they made a 3rd my talker! I just wish it was easier to get a panda bear/osa panda, but they r still cute!!!!!!!.ps don't listen to the haters!🐼🐶🐼🐶🐼🐶🦊🦊🦊🦁🦁🐹🐹🐷🐷🐷🐷🐨🐨🐰🐰🐰🐯🐯🐯🐯

Spending gems

If you tap things it doesn’t even give you a warning and steels your gems. Also, it sometimes glitches and takes 100s of your gems away and the people just say “we will get it fixed” and they never do. This game is retarded but go ahead and download it if you want to waist money.


Good, but need lots of gems

My talking Hank

My talking Hank is awesome because it's like having to take care of a child and it's fun taking pictures of animals and watching home grow up my hank is now a teen already.

So cute so fun!

💖it's really good kind of like talking Tom and talking Angela but better I kind of like talking Angela the same as talking hank but so cute!


Talking Hank is so much fun!

Really awesome

It's a really good game I love it I can't wait to see hank grow up and can you plz make my Ben I wonder what it will be like! I really recommend this game!

Annoyed with the ads

I payed for this game, and I still have to watch ads. If you need help downloading, you might want to try connecting to wifi


When I first got " My talking Ben" I didn't know what to do then later I got hung of it and I am on level 20 and I got a hang of it

It is amazing and helpful

It helped me and my brothers learn the responsibility of owning a pet.My only concern was the adds because my little 4 year old brothers didn't know how to exit them out.But it was really fun!!😋😜😘😘

help and I'm upset about some rates

I tried to download it but it keeps saying my talking hank could not download at this time help me. and I don't like some of these rates one said there was a creeper spying on you even when your not playing brb give me a break these rates are nonsense and I think you guys are lieing to us because I read some rates for my talking Tom and one rate said if you take a screen shot of Tom and zoom into his eyes you could see a man in an office and I took a screenshot of him and did it but nothing was there so make me be able to download this app and stop making ratings that are nonsense thanks for making these apps!:D



Sooooo much fun!!!

I 😍it hank is so cute but don't like that u can't take 📸 of animals when he is 😴. Yet it is so fun and engaging also 😍the fact that there are 🐰🐼🐻🐯🦁🐵🦊to take pics of. Overall 😍😍😍😍 the app!!!!!

WAY Too Many Ads!!

Adorable characters, but ads pop up constantly-some of which are almost a minute long--and they're far too distracting and disruptive. What a shame. Could be a great game.


These type of games, on the news they say these games aren't child friendly and there is a creeper behind the animal's eyes watching you, even if you're not playing it.


What ever happened to paying a $1 to get rid of the ads!! Heck, $2!! Watching the ads for in game help is one thing, but my kid is even getting tired of them "every time" we move around within the game.


Awesome lil pup. Love taking pics of the newly found animals!

It's ok but remove the inappropriate things

Well when I was playing this I find that Hank knows where babies come from a little bit can you remove that animation that made me uncomfortable to show children that animation

I love this game

I'm so addicted to this game I love playing it. My puppy I'm here looks like my puppy I'm real life kind of except I have my talking hank of Lola the girl and my puppy at home who is that such a puppy anymore is name is bear and he's huge but they look a little bit of like anyways this game is amazing if you love dogs and other animals five stars plus plus plus

So cute!!

I love this cute and adorable app and I will never delete it! (Short Review)

I love this game

This game is so cool

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