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Great app!!


My poop

My and Justin time my poop is coming


Add a new place for hank to sleep and different

Well a suggestion

Maybe if you tapped his stomach alot he would have to use the toilet to puke

So 😡

It’s a fun game really addicting, but too much ads if u get it fixed I will give 5🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖 Please get this game it shows you how to care for a kid. But please please please make this game work better. I have deleted it 10 times to make this a worthwhile game 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😫 it is driving me crazy

Diamond stealer 💎

I was trying to get a sleep potion to keep him awake but it stole me 5 diamonds

Hank is the best

I really love Hank because he is fun to play with and I really love all of his other friends they are really fun to play with this app is the best because I love him and all the other characters play love him the best


I loved this game but when I turned on notifications on this game it asked for my adress and my password to my house locks and then it added just in case hank is scared he can sleep with you okay let me just fill in this information and wait to be murdered kids will fall for this delete this game before it tracks you down the if it what ever you do don’t enable microphone it will find you from your voice this is important for all the kids who have been killed from this app could be one if you DELETE the game while you still can

What in the world

When hank was sleeping a harry gorilla came up and slapped him.

Talking hank

just turn on lots of work and stuff like you is so amazing that’s why I Love talking hank Love talking hank.

Best game ever

I play in it everyday, all day! My rating is 10000000,000000000000000000000.

My hank

This game is so fun l play it all night!

This is a good game

Talking hank is great 👍🏻. But can be a little boring. So if your interested in getting this game I suggest you should get it.

Awesome! One problem please read

Hey! I love this game so much and I caught many rare animals anyway.. There's this problem when I play games it doesn't give me enough coins :( my coins are so low and so is my diamonds :(

My talking hank

It’s really fun

This game is not hacked!! Please read whole thing!!

Ok guys there is NO hacker or creeper on talking hank if you believe there is cover up both cameras on you device however, there is a hacker on talking Angela for iPad where she's at a cafe in France but it can't see you if your cameras are covered and they can't see you after you exit also, talking ginger 1&2 is hacked very badly because if you screenshot it then look very closely you see a hooded figure in a swivel chair and to those who say it's a reflection you wouldn't be in a swivel chair in a black hood seeing a white mask on yourself and you know how ginger isn't supposed to talk unless you have mic on well I didn't and people have heard him say "remove (whatever is covering your camera) so I can see you" and it has been a dark deep voice!! Be aware of those games because if you don't believe me try it yourself go ahead put your family and everyone around you in life threatening danger! You think this many reviews about him? And you still say there's no hacker on any of these? And to be CLEAR it's NOT the developer!! He's a kind man to all of you who like these games even to who don't we aren't trying to spread rumors this started happening about 5 yrs ago you think if it was false people wouldn't still try to spread it but sense then people have been kidnaped and reported dead on news and from parent reviews so if you see him report it, and ASAP delete it but the ones that aren't hacked are the following talking Angela (where she's at home) talking Tom talking Ben and talking Hank also talking Tom 2 is not hacked if you have the device on child mode for ginger, and the other Angela in France it's hard to see the hacker because he's tiny so kids wouldn't expect it but he's always there and trying to get kids listen guys, there are some bad, sick, crazy people out there so please stay safe

How to get rid of the ads

Make an in app purchase and then it should be AD free. I love the game now that I made an in app purchase I have no ADS and it is easy to use and play.

Too many advertisements

Just started this game and as much fun as it is, there are too many advertisements. There should be a option for us to pay to we don’t have to watch the ads. I don’t have the patience to watch so many 30 second ads.

It was good until...

I absolutely loved the game at first good graphics and everything, but the thing is at level 15 he gets to kid form and no offense but he looks REALLY UGLY 😂😂. Like it’s even kind of scary no joke. Maybe you shouldn’t let your kids play that much so they reach the level. Plus I don’t even thing there’s a baby size potion. The biggest reason he looks this ugly is probably because they made his eyes like 10x smaller and now he doesn't have those cute big puppy eyes anymore. Also the animations he does just aren’t cute anymore. So now I don’t even bother taking care of him since I can’t even bare to look at him no matter what clothes I put on him. So really I just take pictures of the animals instead since their still cute.

I love hank it's Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Ok thanks for the follow me haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha ha 99 Hi

Best game ever🙂

My friend Tykia has been playing this game for weeks. Couldn’t understand why she loved it so much. Downloaded it one night because I was bored. And now I am taking care of Mickey every free second I have in my day.



I love it make more characters

It’s a cool game make more

Cute hank

The game will teach us how to take care of pets because we play the game this game is so so fun and so so much to challenge game 😘😍😘😘😘 hank is cute when he sleep and he poops’ in the toilet 💩

No sound on new ipad

No sound

How I feel is:

PROS: It’s a little like raising a real dog You can see fun creatures Fun mini games CONS: Takes up almost all your time and battery Can glitch in the middle of a mini game You can only see hank and none of his friends(of course maybe that comes in when he’s an adult mine is only a kid)

My dogs name is Hank!

Talking hank is adorable! I named my dog after him and I really love playing this game.

The games good but....

The game was good at first but after a while I was getting too many notifications and it was from animals that I have like 29285573 of and it was after I got new toy I never really got new animals it also takes too long to gotten the sleep thing all the was it’s just too much work for an app that I really just wanted to use when I’m bored but it’s like kinda an all day thing and even at 3:00 am in getting a notification that an animal is at a toy and I already had the animal so I would say it’s an ok game

Is good

I was so proud to be a fan of this game 😌

My talking hank

Wow!this game is awesome !

Update not working

Ever since the update it won’t open it keeps shutting itself off. Please fix.


Love it


The game is fun, people can take pictures of animals and feed Hank, but what isn't fun is the bulldoze of ads you will get. There are so many ads that this app always crashes when I am forced to watch one. FIX THIS



My talking hank is so cool!

My talking hank makes me happy so you can feed hank and it makes hank happy I really love this game!🐶😍😎👍

What Happened?

Love this game and I’m use to being kicked out, a lot, I mean a lot. I watch the ads to earn $ or have animal come sooner, however after ad plays nothing? no reward or chance to spin ever given because kicked out, of course the ad plays in full without issues until today. There is no way unless you have lots of disable income to constantly by gems that you can earn enough money to play therefor you must watch ads, it’s ok I get it. Today I am unable to play ads anywhere, not to have animal come sooner in all areas, or to watch to spin either, attempts to then nothing? Can someone please check it out?


Cute kids love it❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Hank The Dog has human teeth

Great app, but Hank’s perfect human teeth creep me out. Like, I mini-screamed when I noticed. Just sayin’. Creepy.

Talking Hank is Great but...

Maybe I am just at that level (125) where it gets boring? There are only a couple more things to buy, and to get the amount of diamonds or coins to get those last items it will take two years or so. There are no more tempting things going on to keep me interested. Can you add more things to buy or some more islands or something? Thanks!


Hank is fun

Love it

But add more islands

Do not play this game at all

This game is boring. This job my five-year-old and six-year-old crazy originally I Give this a zero

It. Is the best game ever!!!!

I love it I love how it has levels and tell it is based on games

Talking hank

I like talking Tom friends because it’s so fun to play and I have all of the Talking Tom games and new talking games

Add skins for Hank!

It's fun to unlock new outfits and eyes for Hank but you know what he's missing? Different colors and patterns of fur! I want my Hank to look like a beagle!

cute but

the only problem is that he doesn't shut the bathroom door? but in other words i love this app and i'm 8 its very different the then the other apps. it is very fun just fix the problem thank you for your time

Taking hank

i recommend this game.

My hank

It is a really fun game although it needs to sleep a little more than usual it is fun to take pictures of the animals if you want a fun game to play get this game and it’s free!

דן ושלי

אנחנו נהנים מהמשחק מאוד הוא פשוט נהדר!!!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

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