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Keyboard for a while

I’m going to be a good friend I’m going to be a good friend

He’s so annoying

Wen I am sleeping he talks and talks over night I leave my iPad in my room and it’s chrchinh😡

My talking hank

This game is really addictive


The dog grows too fast it’s older than me

Outrageous $99 In-App Purchase

I just learned that my daughter purchased an in-app offer while playing this game that cost $99. I am so disgusted that the creators for this game would entice children to spend that obscene amount of money. I still don’t know what the $99 was spent on. Time to change the pass code 🤦🏻‍♀️

Love it

I can’t stop thinking about hank!!!!!😁😁😁


Dear Outfit 7, I love My Angela, My Tom, and My Hank! But I was just wondering if you could do livestock animals. There is not a variety of livestock games but I would love to raise a chicken or pig. Please think about it! Thank you for reading this!

Update this please

Yes I know I may be young but I’m a mom in training.When bathroom level gets to 10 he should pee/poop on the ground as a learning experience for children.Otherwise amazing game Outfit7!


As a children's game tester I have to say the game was absolute torture. First- dog don't pee standing up so they didn't have to add that. Second- what's with the freaky animals? They don't really have a point but I don't know, maybe kid are into weird animals that have human-like qualities, and EAT human food. I'm not sure what happened to checkers, but it's long gone.

Talking hank

It's so fun can't stop playing it Ben playing for 3 hours intel my phone Diead

Savannah hank

Hey y’all can you send the money to me today at my house Woodward 3Bl


It’s amazing but it’s just when he goes to the restroom. Overall it’s amazing!

This is the best!

I like it!

It’s good, but...

Can you make a Santa hat for Hank since they don’t have one? Thanks!

Hmmm🤔🤔😥 #MixedFeelings

This game is fun, but it has a few “minor issues”. For one, every time Hank is tired and I want to take a picture of an animal, it keeps saying that Hank is tired. Why can’t I take picture of animal, and put him to bed later? It’s not only that either. WARNING: Hank gets form adorable to really ugly. Then when he is hungry, there is an icon you can click and it tells you that you can get him to be baby again. Can you guess what is wrong with that? THE PRICE! You have to pay 150 gems for it! Gems do not grow on trees nor do I poop out them. Second, It’s kinda creepy when you put him in the hammock and let him repeat you. When he blinks, it goes all glitchy. Also it is weird with the bathroom. I am not going to say anything about it because it is just gross💩💩😷🤮🤮😬🤭🤭🤯🤯💩💩. That’s what it is like. Other than that, sometimes he looks like an anti-social-freak. He talks to his HANDS when he grows up! That’s just a FEW problems. Sorry for the long review!😜😜🤪😛😝

Good overall

Hank is a fun game that you take care is a animal called hank and at the same time take part criers of animals.The bad thing is that you have to wait a long time for a new animal to come


I have the best hank

Fun game but...

I like this game and think it’s decently entertaining, but I don’t understand why they have to emphasize him having to use the bathroom and drag it out. It’s not funny as it’s suppose to be, it’s just annoying. Fix it...


I LOVE THIS GAME 💖💖💚💗💗💗💖💖❤️💚💚💗💖🖤💖💖💖💚💚💞💜💚💞💞💗💞💘💝💝💝💝💝💓💓💜💜💛



Awesome game


Love game

I love your game so much🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗!!!!!!

Luv it

Luv it


I love you Hank you are my sweet sweetheart

I love my talking hank

I love this game because it’s a cute little puppy and I think it’s perfect for little kids

Adds. Kid all time crying .

If you are 3 year, and can read you will all time crying with this game.

I 😘♥️💋♥️❤️😘💋 it

Hi I 👋 is

Great game!

This is a great game to play! It’s really fun and sort of different from your other games! My favorite feature is that you can take pictures of the animals! One quick little thing you guys need to fix with the games is there are to many adds.

Yes, fun for kids and adults

Very fun....but do not like the ad’s every time you tap on “coconut w/diamonds”.....also if you are “lucky” you might hit the jackpot on the spin....But my main issue is with Hank...when he goes to the restroom PLEASE make it where the DOOR closes!!! Other than that we like it!

Love this game it is so cute

Hey people you know that I saw your reviews and you guys want it to be a kiddie game I am a 7 year old people that are playing this app you guys need to grow up ok 😐😊

Best game ever

This game is amazingly fun if you are in a car ride and bored you can play it anywhere and it has wireless internet so you don't need internet to play the game and plus it is very addictive

Great game

I love it but is WAY to many ads cmon guys 🙄

luv this app!

I installed this app for free earlier today, and it took a while to get it to finally install so I could play the game, but that was probably just my WiFi. Since I installed it, I have been obsessed with this game. Hank is so cute and I love taking photos of animals to get coins. With the coins I can buy hank more clothes and accessories. The options are endless. I recommend this app to people and kids of all ages.


I just had a crash when going to pick a food for the animals to eat please fix that thanks!!!

More ads than game

This game, like many small creatures, looks innocent and fun at first. Truth be told, there are far too many ads. There are in-app purchases that seem to be forced on you with used-car salesman tactics. The goal of the game is relatively unclear. Did I mention the ads? The game can hold the attention of a little one for a while, but then the full page ads kick in that can trick them into clicking on links that take them away from the game. IF YOU ARE DOWNLOADING THIS GAME FOR A CHILD, BE WARNED. I BELIEVE IT IS BEST FOR KIDS 9+ YEARS OLD.

My Talking Hank

It's okay. I love it. But sometimes, it can be very annoying. It will wake me up at all hours of the night when I'm trying to get some sleep.

I’m hungry

I love feeding him and putting him to sleep and he is so cute and eating food and I love the new app I love the lands

No more ads!

I would happily give this game 5 stars if I could purchase it in order to get rid of all the ads!

This Game is Awesome and Sooo cute

I got this game and I have Loved it!Ever Since Hank came in the Basket I wus Like I'm gonna Love this! Best Coolest Game Ever!😘

Bathroom door

The game is so fun but the fact that the bathroom door won’t close... on My Talking Tom there is a setting that will allow you to close the door. There isn’t a setting for that on My Talking Hank. I would love to have a setting on the game. Thanks


I love this game and how you can take pictures of animals. Lots of adds though.


It's very good.

Add remove ad option!

The ads are very annoying in this game! Please add a cheap remove ad option!

He is so cute but

I love him but for the food you can only get three food

Never get the jackpot

Why won’t they let anybody get the jackpot very often I mean what the heck it makes them happy that they get the jackpot what the heck any heck heck heck 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬I am so 🤮and Tired of this just let us get Jack that more often in the next update which I hope is sometime soon

The best game

This is the best Best game ever!!!!😻😻😻😻😺😺😺


I love the game and it is so much fun to play and its so cute 😸👍😻

My Hank

I t is so fun to play.I can stay up all night playing 👍👍👍👍👍100

Riddled with tricky ads not appropriate for kids

Not appropriate for young kids. I get the freemium model but this game has ads everywhere you turn. It’s not appropriate for young kids. The ads seemed designed to trick kids into downloading more apps. It’s a great game otherwise.

He gets ugly over time

He's adorable when he's little but he's THE UGLIEST THING EVER when's he grows up. I just slap him like 85 five times a day now! Fix

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