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Love it


The game is fun, people can take pictures of animals and feed Hank, but what isn't fun is the bulldoze of ads you will get. There are so many ads that this app always crashes when I am forced to watch one. FIX THIS



My talking hank is so cool!

My talking hank makes me happy so you can feed hank and it makes hank happy I really love this game!🐶😍😎👍

What Happened?

Love this game and I’m use to being kicked out, a lot, I mean a lot. I watch the ads to earn $ or have animal come sooner, however after ad plays nothing? no reward or chance to spin ever given because kicked out, of course the ad plays in full without issues until today. There is no way unless you have lots of disable income to constantly by gems that you can earn enough money to play therefor you must watch ads, it’s ok I get it. Today I am unable to play ads anywhere, not to have animal come sooner in all areas, or to watch to spin either, attempts to then nothing? Can someone please check it out?


Cute kids love it❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Hank The Dog has human teeth

Great app, but Hank’s perfect human teeth creep me out. Like, I mini-screamed when I noticed. Just sayin’. Creepy.

Talking Hank is Great but...

Maybe I am just at that level (125) where it gets boring? There are only a couple more things to buy, and to get the amount of diamonds or coins to get those last items it will take two years or so. There are no more tempting things going on to keep me interested. Can you add more things to buy or some more islands or something? Thanks!


Hank is fun

Love it

But add more islands

Do not play this game at all

This game is boring. This job my five-year-old and six-year-old crazy originally I Give this a zero

It. Is the best game ever!!!!

I love it I love how it has levels and tell it is based on games

Talking hank

I like talking Tom friends because it’s so fun to play and I have all of the Talking Tom games and new talking games

Add skins for Hank!

It's fun to unlock new outfits and eyes for Hank but you know what he's missing? Different colors and patterns of fur! I want my Hank to look like a beagle!

cute but

the only problem is that he doesn't shut the bathroom door? but in other words i love this app and i'm 8 its very different the then the other apps. it is very fun just fix the problem thank you for your time

Taking hank

i recommend this game.

My hank

It is a really fun game although it needs to sleep a little more than usual it is fun to take pictures of the animals if you want a fun game to play get this game and it’s free!

דן ושלי

אנחנו נהנים מהמשחק מאוד הוא פשוט נהדר!!!!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

Talking Hank.......

The makers of Talking Hank should be arrested because of the horrible game that has brought shame on to their wonderful games... JUST KIDDING🤪🤪🤪! This game is super and I hope you get it for your family. So here are it’s pros and cons (there are like no cons so just get ready to skim that one. PROS: * You get to see many different and cute animals that don’t exist and are cute and cartoony *You get to take care of an adorable Hank that gets older and can range from a baby to a preschooler (there are probably many more stages but I just haven’t got there) * Visit the beach and take pictures of animals on different toys * Name and personalize your Hank with gifts from the animals * IT’S FREE! Won’t cost you any money unless you want to get more diamonds💎 and coins💰 *Make a photo collage and unlock new locations * Feed him what he likes and what you want for example when you spawn you can feed him a green apple 🍏. CONS: *You have a very small amount of diamonds it’s hard to decide what and what not to buy * It many take days for a new animal to show up * Hank’s madness, hunger and tiredness take over easily and it takes up much battery *You can only get Hank it will not show any other of his friends These are the features of Talking Hank. I hope you get and have lots of fun with this game! Sincerely, 🐒❤️64


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Can u make something

I've been waiting so long for a REAL talking ginger not that baby one I want one like talking hank ,Hope you read and Thanks 😛

Good but Not

It’s Good but not all the way. You have to get the animal then buy it and it’s mostly always like 1,000 or 2,000 but yes when you get the app you start of with 2,000 but then they make you buy stuff! Also when the little coconut cracks on his head that’s the thing to get more money and you have to watch a video then you’ll get like 15-50 or just a few diamonds. I rate this three starts and only three

Love it

It is an awesome game


I don’t like hank Or when he goes to the bathroom I only download hank because or the animals 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️


Such a good game and hank is so cute

I love your game

Your game is awesome please make more like this one you could make a game where Tom and Ben go to the zoo and take pictures of animals and put them in their book

Love it

Love it

Hank goes swimming

I think that hank should be able to swim plz plz


I know I know kids that like the game I don’t mean to be offensive.But #1 HANK PEES WITH THE DOOR OPEN AND IN THE BUSHES SHAKING THE HOSE!!!!#2 THE STUFF HE EATS LIKE CHACOLATE ITS VERY POISONOUS FOR DOGS AND DONUTS!!#3Why oh WHY!!!When I got the girl scarecrow all the little animals where sniffing and nudging the area where a girl would hate to be sniffed and nudged!!!#4 Always with the dragging hank around!!!!!Kids should not learn too drag or pick up dogs and throw them around.#5 the adds sooooo many adds.So please oh please don’t ever get this game I rate it a 0.I wish that I could rate it better.

So cute

Hank is the cutest little thing it is so fun and I love taking pictures

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I saw this game I was like ok but when I played and watched the video I was like yay 😀 I love this game sooo much

Keeps kicking me out

It keeps crashing


so i was just playing the game and when i reached level 13 or 14 hank grows up to a kid and it is the UGLIEST thing i have EVER SEEN!!!👍🏻 good job i hate it

I love this game and I want less ads

I love the game because it's like other my talking games but please let me download it again please 😦and if you make an update for less ads please 😑😐😁

Ideas for Hank Game

The game is really great, but I would like it if Hank had some pajamas to wear for bed time, tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops, some man style jewelry, more foods to choose from, drinks like juice,water,soda,and iced tea. With the variety of food and drinks, I am hoping that new animals will come unlocking more clothes, new foods, new drinks, and new toys. I imagine that Hank must get really thirsty. Would it be possible to clean out from behind the outhouse so that Hank is not fanning his nose after he goes in the grass? I like it when he does that. Would it be possible to add a sink so that he can wash his hands? Maybe Hank could join some of the animals you playing with them on the various toys and/or giving Hank some dog toys to play with? How about adding some dogs and cats to the animal book and he can photograph them on the toys? I think we should also be able to choose from a variety of hammocks? We could choose some other colors. Perhaps the animals and Hank could go swimming in the ocean? Maybe a new game to add would be finding objects in the sand? We can use shovels and/or our hands to find things like seashells, toys, candy,jewelry,animal bones, and other items that are usually left behind by beach goers. Hermit crabs, whales, crabs, jellyfish,dolphins,and other sea animals can have their photos taken of them on the beach,waterfall,and lava land. For Easter, we could have a find the Easter egg hunt where Hank and the animals find eggs and we open the eggs to see what is inside. There could also be a book to store the prizes from the eggs, so that we don’t lose them. Farm animals such as pigs,cows,sheep,goats,horses,and other barnyard animals should be included. String lights could also be added to light up the house, outhouse, and other rooms during holidays to make it look festive. There should be more lights outside all year round, but not super bright, just enough to make it a little brighter. Really great game, but I had a ton of ideas to share. I hope to see these in a future update.

Great simulator

I lov it

Too many ads and no way to pay to remove..

My kids love the app, especially since Hank listens and repeats back what you’ve said. But I have a two year old who doesn’t understand all the ads so I’m constantly having to go fix it for him. It’s always the first app they open but because of all the ads, they give up on it fast. A paid version needs to be created or a way to remove ads needs to be added to this one.


It is and awesome game. I love it so much. I think you should get it. It has animals, Hank he is a dog.


It’s ok needs more things to do while waiting

Kinda bad

It’s fun to take all the pictures but I can never make him go to sleep and you can’t stack food


It is okay but you need to give them more animals.😕

Get rid of the ads...

so I don't have to shut down the Wi-Fi to play.

Good but

Iove this app but I hate when he is sleepy because I can't stand that I can't take photos of animals but over all pretty good soo 4 stars from me

This is really cute but......

I love this game! I love my puppy he is sooo cute!!! But you should add an update..... if you go on the app but don’t let him go to the toilet, he should have an accident. 😂 it would be funny.



Talking Hank

this game is so much fun i love ❤️ it so much and can I tell you a joke okay 👌🏽 here I go knock knock peanut butter jelly. peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly!!😂😂😂😂


Listen 👂🏾 this is a good game but now I have 4 diamonds 💎 when I rlly had 54 diamonds 💎 idk what happened but you need to give me back my 54 diamonds 💎 plz or I'm going to delete it thank you for your time 😃

Its ok...

Ok so this game is alright, it definitely could be better but please add the option for closed bathroom doors like there is in my talking Tom. Also please make more mini games to play. Thanks!😊


I love this game kids should try it and don’t be hating


I love this game:):)😍😍

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