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Talking Hank is so much fun!

Really awesome

It's a really good game I love it I can't wait to see hank grow up and can you plz make my Ben I wonder what it will be like! I really recommend this game!

Annoyed with the ads

I payed for this game, and I still have to watch ads. If you need help downloading, you might want to try connecting to wifi


When I first got " My talking Ben" I didn't know what to do then later I got hung of it and I am on level 20 and I got a hang of it

It is amazing and helpful

It helped me and my brothers learn the responsibility of owning a pet.My only concern was the adds because my little 4 year old brothers didn't know how to exit them out.But it was really fun!!😋😜😘😘

help and I'm upset about some rates

I tried to download it but it keeps saying my talking hank could not download at this time help me. and I don't like some of these rates one said there was a creeper spying on you even when your not playing brb give me a break these rates are nonsense and I think you guys are lieing to us because I read some rates for my talking Tom and one rate said if you take a screen shot of Tom and zoom into his eyes you could see a man in an office and I took a screenshot of him and did it but nothing was there so make me be able to download this app and stop making ratings that are nonsense thanks for making these apps!:D



Sooooo much fun!!!

I 😍it hank is so cute but don't like that u can't take 📸 of animals when he is 😴. Yet it is so fun and engaging also 😍the fact that there are 🐰🐼🐻🐯🦁🐵🦊to take pics of. Overall 😍😍😍😍 the app!!!!!

WAY Too Many Ads!!

Adorable characters, but ads pop up constantly-some of which are almost a minute long--and they're far too distracting and disruptive. What a shame. Could be a great game.


These type of games, on the news they say these games aren't child friendly and there is a creeper behind the animal's eyes watching you, even if you're not playing it.


What ever happened to paying a $1 to get rid of the ads!! Heck, $2!! Watching the ads for in game help is one thing, but my kid is even getting tired of them "every time" we move around within the game.


Awesome lil pup. Love taking pics of the newly found animals!

It's ok but remove the inappropriate things

Well when I was playing this I find that Hank knows where babies come from a little bit can you remove that animation that made me uncomfortable to show children that animation

I love this game

I'm so addicted to this game I love playing it. My puppy I'm here looks like my puppy I'm real life kind of except I have my talking hank of Lola the girl and my puppy at home who is that such a puppy anymore is name is bear and he's huge but they look a little bit of like anyways this game is amazing if you love dogs and other animals five stars plus plus plus

So cute!!

I love this cute and adorable app and I will never delete it! (Short Review)

I love this game

This game is so cool

Great but...

There is no way to reverse his size!?!? I do love it but COME ON!!!!!! (BTW still love it)

I love this game

I'm going to be play this game forever

no girl stuff no outfits

please add girl outfits that is all



My Talking Tom Hank

I Love It


Love it so much ❤️😘

Cutest little thing

I luv luv luv this cute little app!!!🐶🐶🐶 Dogs are the best pets ever!!! Sorry to you cat people, but I can't help it. Hank is just like the other apps like angela and tom, only in doggie form!!!❤️❤️❤️🐶 The 💎 are really easy to get, unlike tom and angela. The only annoyance is that Hank is usually pottying in the bushes and I don't like that. I don't like him peeing with the door open. That's gonna teach your kids to pee in public with the door open!!!😳 For you parents, I suggest you tell your kids that peeing out in the open is not only crude, but downright embarrassing!!! Still a great great great game!!!!🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️

Good but....

No way to remove ads??? Not good I dont want ads in my kids face all the time. He is tired all the time and evey time she turns game on so you have to have diamonds to play. No way to make enough money for all the things you unlock. My 4 year old loves it but i think its ridiculous to make it so hard to do anything. Eventually she will get tired of it and it will be deleted. Would be wayyy funner for kids if it was a little better I would happily invest in it to remove ads or buy the game if it worked a little better (not needing real money to really play it)

Get this

This app is amazing .

From jrb8815

I love it so much

So much fun

It's fun fun fun but the game has to much ads

This game is AWESOME

I love talking hank

Love it!

My new favorite game!!

It's okay

I can't keep playing with game if every time I leave and forget something it alerts me I hate that and the only reason I have notifications on is because it is one of the other games i play but I don't like how many times it says something


This game sucked from the beginning. The ads messed it up big time. I get it that the ads are sponsoring them but they ruined the game.


This game is so much better!!


I love this game definitely my favorite game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Too much ads

Not the best, but fun.

When you start you don't get as much diamonds. You should because you need diamonds for a lot of different things. They only give you like 5 diamonds. That doesn't make anything easier. There are too many adds it drives me crazy. Even though the game is fun it's not the best. Unless you are a patient child unlike me.


I love this game I personally love having my own pad to take care of I just love dogs in anyway even though he is peeing behind something and that's kind of Bad for little kids like that but I still love it he's awesome and it's not boring but I just personally love it


This game is so addictive and great 👍🏽 My Dog 🐶 is now a tween and it feels like it's a child that looks like a dog!!!! It's so emotional 😭!!!

Needs an update

Hank is fun to play when it works but 40% of the ads cause the app to freeze up and crash after they play. I do agree that because of some ad content this app is not appropriate for small children.

My talking Hank

Five stars

Love this game

I love this game so much I even turned on notifications just to know what is going on


I love this game so much my son loves it way more tho 😊

It's Ok

It is really fun, but I feel like you always have to be keeping up with the app. If you miss an animal while you are sleeping, you can't help it! But otherwise, I really love this app!


We love it

No way to remove ads

My son loves this game but gets stuck on an ad page every 2 minutes. Why is there no option to remove? The subscription doesn't mention ad removal so I'm not purchasing.

Sooooo boring 😴😴😴😴😴/ not good 👅😐☹️

I think it is sooooo boring. It's not good for kids under 7 because it can teach them bad things like when Ben goes to the bathroom a kid might copy him and go to the bathroom behind stuff. So if a girl starts doing it THAT IS BAD. But if you are older than 7 it will be boring. But if you want to see how boring it is go for it. So when you delete it you just hold down on it. Then there will be a tiny x click on it Hope you listen to me😜👋

I love all of them

I love the my talking hank Tom and Angela games where they have need like hunger but u should make it be that when ever you slap them their sleep/energy bar goes up

Hank the cute

I love it


This is one of favorite games!!! The only down side about is that there are a lot of adds. Land I hate to see my little Hanky grow up!!😩😭😩

I love it!

I have no words for how wonderful this app is!

Would have been great

This app would be great if there were no commercials with the person beating a zombie today. Somehow I do not find this very appropriate for my three-year-old. Please change that. Thank you.

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